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What is the function of crystal oscillator?




Crystal oscillator is the abbreviation of quartz oscillator. It is called crystal in English. It is the most important part of clock circuit. Its main function is to provide reference frequency for all parts of video card, network card, motherboard and other accessories. It is like a ruler. Unstable working frequency will cause unstable working frequency of related equipment, which naturally leads to problems. Crystal oscillator also has the function of producing oscillation current in the circuit and sending out clock signal.

When we understand crystal oscillator, we need to compare its material and properties. For mechanical and electrical equipment, in the process of operation, mechanical and electrical effects often occur. What is crystal vibration? You can also analyze according to important characteristics, such as its thermal expansion coefficient, chemical properties of quartz crystal, etc., which directly affects the size and stability of the mechanical force. Let's understand its application scope.

1. For the electromechanical effect, we can understand it as the transformation of machine and motor. In fact, in the process of transformation, inductance and capacitance can build some resonance circuits, which can promote the mutual transformation of electric field and magnetic field. For most circuits, there are some resonance circuits, which can ensure that the power consumption of quartz crystal is reduced and the Q value is increased.
2. As an oscillator, its function is to produce extremely stable oscillation, so it can play the role of a filter. When operating, it has extremely stable band-pass curve. Because it belongs to quartz crystal, it also belongs to an unusual key component in the circuit. Of course, for the reference frequency it provides, it can play the most important role. Directly determining.
3. Equivalent to a frequency scale, we know that the quality of crystal oscillator can be estimated by the magnitude of frequency deviation, which is a very important technical index. However, in the process of operation, it also involves the specific application range. Generally speaking, there are two types of clock sources. When we understand it, we usually need to configure it according to different types of oscillators. Under some conditions, it can be used as an oscillator to ensure that the module can avoid vibration and ensure the stability of the stop. And in the normal temperature environment, electrical components will not appear selective interference, so for the selection of components and circuit configuration, it can also be more reasonable and standardized.

Through the above introduction, you should understand what crystal oscillator function is. When we understand it, we must first make clear the essence of crystal oscillator, so that we can analyze its structure and principle according to its essential characteristics, so that we can understand its function and function more comprehensively.

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